Brian Jarvis
Dance Caller, Computer Geek, Consumer of Chocolate
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Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

I'm a Unix & network engineer living in the vicinity of Washington, DC.  Nope, I probably can't help you fix your Mac or Windows problems.  Ask me about a network routing issue though and I might have some ideas.  Just for fun, I'm working Cisco certification.

I'm also an avid square dancer and am frequently found on the dance floor dancing Mainstream through Challenge-2.  I also regularly call square dances (Mainstream through Challenge-2) for a number of local clubs.

When I have spare time --a few seconds every other leap year or so-- I write short fiction, read European history, study languages (currently working on Egyptian hieroglyphs), study Challenge-3A square dance calls or write more square dance sequences for future dance gigs.
Contacting Me

There are a number of ways of keeping track of me on the Internet besides this web page.  Check out the links below: